Love these guys!

August 22, 2019

My little Volvo is 14 years old and going strong, thanks to Paul and his crew. I bought it from him and thanks to his expertise and counsel about maintenance, I always feel safe when I am driving and am hoping to hit 200,000+ miles! I can just drop by if there is a noise I am concerned about or a have a tire that looks low, whatever, and they just take care of it and me. They’ve bailed me out several times like the evening a deer ran into my car or when I hit a curb and blew out not one but two of my tires! As a single woman, I need to have a car I can depend on and excellent mechanics who know me and my car and can be there when I need them. I trust Paul, I trust his advice. I can’t say enough about Pro Tek and their excellent, dependable, and caring service. I honestly feel like they’re family, and they deserve those most excellent cookies I bake for them at Christmas! Thank you,

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