Best Auto Sales & Repair Around!

April 23, 2015

I have been a customer at Pro Tek Auto since 1985. The level of professionalism is second to none. As a women who truly has no interest in how a car works, I must say, I have learned a lot over the years! I have attended multiple “Ladies Nights” at Pro Tek. They always have lots of information that help me to be aware of things about my car that have ultimately saved me $ in the long run because I was able to recognize a problem and repair it quickly before it turned into a major problem! The staff at Pro Tek always takes the time to carefully explain any repair that I may need on my vehicle. They are also great about letting me know when a repair may be necessary “down the road” so that I can budget for it ahead of time. This makes paying the bill so much easier! To date, I have purchased four quality used cars from Pro Tek and have been happy with each and every one! Having safe, reliable transportation for my three teenagers is a very high priority. I feel confident whenever they drive away in their Pro Tek vehicle that they are safe. I would (and do!) highly recommend Pro Tek Auto to all of my friends and family!!

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